Defy The Tyrant

by Venom Prison

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I. USURPER OF THE THRONE i'm burning flesh and crushing bones spitting fire on the marching clones bred on illusions, force fed with lies walking on corpses with wide open eyes Don't fear justice, fear me heroes are dead - creatures left to endear the strongest emotion of mankind is fear Those who will not follow are doomed to lead. greed and power always made this world bleed Don't fear justice, fear me claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses it takes a backdraught to burn this fortress behind ashes ruins of towers entombed Those who will not follow are doomed Don't fear justice, fear me fear - dead - justice Don't fear justice when there's nothing there to lose There is no equity of power It's only more and less
Life Suffer 04:03
II. LIFE SUFFER Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves The only knowledge achieved by man: life is meaningless begotten by hatred, born into misery pleased by your own depressing life history in a world where life becomes only existence Can you hear the litany of life's persistence? nothing comes to nothing always on a losing streak life taught me a lesson: life is meaningless This world is dead, life is meaningless a breeding ground of tragedy your grave is a hole in the ground You may be alive but you are hellbound
III. MORTAL ABOMINATION Devoured light summoned memories which i feared I'd drag myself away from. Until the day the bell of the goddess tolls this realm welcomes my last breath Pitiful mortals, here is where hope ends and with it your human condition no salvation for the damned Rest in peace in eternal darkness If we have only this life to live we might as well not have lived at all Only we cared for what we are and what we came from here is where hope ends and with it your human condition were we human anyway?
IV. PATH OF EXILE the hound waves my final chapter in this life the path I have suffered, like a twist of the knive the sky turns black as my past begins to rot. I strayed the path as I have lost the train of thought the hand of man deals lies, deceit and forsaken love like death, taking everything I think hardly of the foes I've slain nor of the loved I've sent to die haunted by those that were buried alive Depression keeps guard and chases like a shadow all that you love will turn on you, be in the know the path I have suffered, still crushing my soul the hand of man deals lies deceit and forsaken love like death, taking everything this is the path I've suffered a way for me - to walk on my own this is my path... Find your own road to hell
V. DEFY THE TYRANT six thousand years of pain I have learned to know you you were, you are and always will be the jealous rival, tyrant of Prometheus tormentor of my reason specter of conscience spread the plague upon the land decimate the enemy, crush the rest in your hand plant a burning cross in the holy soil in the name of god - resurrection of moral coil slaves on earth because in heaven is a master waiting for your martyr to bring disaster rape and massacre - ceremonies of purification paying the price for eternal salvation infiltrate the infidels, spread your disease kill sons and force mothers to their knees let it rain, the flood will carry sins away This is the downfall of creation - Let us pray the sins we ask you to forgive, you caused us to commit There is no love, just pure unadulterated evil


Venom Prison - Defy The Tyrant




released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Venom Prison UK

Full length out now on Prosthetic Records.



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